Who am I? (My Backstory)

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Hello and welcome to my page. First things first, who am I? 

My name is Chris. I'm a Riverside, California based photographer, writer, security guard, and occasional Uber driver.

I first found an interest in photography when I was 15 years old. Between my freshman and sophomore years of high school I was invited to take part in the Cambridge College Programme at Cambridge University in England, and a side trip to Paris, France. Days before the trip, my father (who was a photographer himself) bought me our families first "modern" digital camera. It was a Sony point and shoot boasting 4.1 megapixels, and 3x optical zoom in a Carl Zeiss vario tessar lens. I loved it. Over the course of the 4 week program, I took over 1200 photos. I didn't know it then, but photography had planted a seed in me.

When I returned to high school, I did not actively pursue photography. I took my little camera with me everywhere, but I didn't join the schools yearbook club or photo club. I concentrated more on my core classes, AFJROTC, and art. Then, in December of 2007, I was basically done with high school. I had taken enough classes to finish mid term and not return for second semester. So I went and got a job at the local Best Buy.

I wanted to work in the camera department, but never got into sales at all. Every chance I got was spent studying the cameras that the store sold.

In 2009, when Circuit City was closing is doors for the last time, I went over and bought the display model of the Sony a300k. At 10.2 megapixels and an interchangeable lens, it was a major step up for me. I then bought a book to learn some photography basics. "Digital Photography and DSLRs for Dummies". I flew through the book and tested everything on the camera at the same time. 

In 2010, I left Best Buy and started going to the local community college full-time. I took the intro to digital photography class and passed with a perfect score. I felt then, and still today, that the class only reinforced what the "dummies" book had taught me. The class merely gave me opportunities to practice what I already knew. Well, there were great people too and lifelong friends were made. 

I continued taking classes at another campus of the college and threw in a Photoshop class for good measure. Then, in 2011, I got a job at Walmart. I finished a semester and stopped taking classes. Occasionally I would get hired to photograph a birthday party or to take some family portraits. I even shot a friend's wedding. 

Late in 2015 I decided it was time to upgrade. The a300 is still functional, but I wanted the "shiny new model." So I did some research and decided to get the Sony a77II. Which is what I use today. I've since done a couple engagement shoots and have shot two more weddings, though not as the official photographer for the weddings. 

January 2017 saw my return to college. I took a general business class to start to understand where I want to go. The spring semester had me taking an advanced color photography class which is where I made a new discovery. RAW format and adobeRGB. It's known about these settings before, but I never really understood the use. I've now seen the difference they can make and shoot RAW exclusively.

Tomorrow, August 29th, 2017 is the start of the fall semester and my next two classes. Photo editing and printing, and an advanced photography course. We'll see how the go. 

Untill next time,



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