Classes started, one class dropped.

September 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So, the fall 2017 semester at Riverside City College started a few weeks ago. I was pumped and ready to get out and shoot more. Ready to Ace the 2 classes I was registered for. 

Then life got in the way... 

My "day job" is overnight, from midnight to 8 am, Wednesday through Sunday mornings. So I get off work Sunday morning and go back in Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. My classes were Tuesday from 6-9pm, and Thursday from 11am-6pm... 

I dropped the Thursday class. I became a danger to all the one day I went. So I'm only taking 1 class. Photo editing and printing. Which has so far been pretty boring. The instructor, who's teaching ability I am starting to question, said that the first few weeks would be slow for anyone with any decent amount of experience with Lightroom. That's true. Though I have learned a little bit. He has been teaching us catalogs, ratings, keywords, and collections. I've found the keywording to be fairly useful, but I've known how to import and move files and photos withing Lightroom. I just don't really understand the need for collections. We'll see how it works out as the course continues through December. 


But then there is the "weekly photo journals". He wants us to bring in 20 different images every week. The first set, we did nothing with. The second set, we catalogued, keyworded, and made collections. Next week we need 20 more, that we will supposedly finally get to start editing. 

But why can't we use some of the previous 2 weeks worth of photos for editing? I feel like I wasted good photos that I thought I would get the chance to edit in class. These are mostly photos that I've edited before, but many were before I really knew what I was doing... 

Anyways. This has really been more of a rant than anything. We'll see how the class goes.


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